Die-cutting Machine

WAIGANG die-cutting machines are tailor-made for efficient label production, from short to long runs. Rotary label die-cutting machines can be equipped with additional functions such as printing, lamination and slitting, allowing for a complete label production process.

Faster production: Our Label Die-cutting Machines run quickly to optimize label production time.

Easy to operate: User-friendly interfaces simplify operations and reduce training needs.

Versatile labeling: From short to long runs to meet a variety of labeling needs.

Precision Die Cutting: Ensures consistently high quality, accurate and professional labels are cut.

ZM Rotary/semi-rotary Label Die-cutting Machine
● ZM-320

ZM-320 rotary/semi-rotary label die-cutting machine is new developed converting machine equipped with inline slitter. This machine adop...

WQM Adhesive Label Die-cutting Machine
● WQM-320G / 420

This machine adopts accurate flat die-cutting system, controlled by servo motor. There are two sensors to control the web-guider and on...

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