Label Inspecting Machine

Designed to handle a wide range of materials, our label inspection machines ensure automated and efficient operations from feeding to sealing. Label inspection machine is a post-press equipment used to inspect the quality of printed labels. Often used in combination with label printers and die-cutting machines.

Versatile Packaging Capability: Accommodates a wide range of materials such as liquids, granules and powders to meet different packaging needs.

Automatic Operation: Feeding, bag handling, coding, metering, filling and sealing are fully automated to ensure efficiency.

Accurate Label Inspection: Ensure accurate label inspection for consistent product quality and compliance.

Assembly Line Production: Increase productivity through processes that are ideal for high volume production requirements.

Label Inspection machine
● EM-320

EM-320 inspecting machine is an accessorial machine for printing machine and die-cutting machine; it inspects the quality of printing a...

ZB Automactic Label Inspecting Machine
● ZB-320

ZB-320 Label inspection machine adopts latest BTS (Germany) inspecting system. It can detect defective labels such as missing label, co...

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