Offset Printing Machine

The WEIGANG Digital Offset Printing Machine is a production synonym for speed, convenience and quality. Offset press machine is suitable for dot printing and halftone printing. Supports high-level labeling needs from short and long versions.

Speed and Efficiency: Offset Label Printing Machine run fast, increasing labeling productivity (Max. printing speed: 160/170m/min)

User-friendly interface: Intuitive design simplifies operation and reduces manual training time.

Multiple Printing Options: From short-run to long-run, offset presses are effective in meeting a wide range of label printing needs.

Cost-effective quality: Provide high-quality labels at the lowest possible cost of production for improved economic efficiency.

Rotary Offset Printing Machine
● ZP-520 / 680 / 900 / 1200

High-speed rotary offset printing machine(with sleeve technology)owns more than 20 national and international patents. Continuous offse...

Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine
● ZX-320 / 450

ZX-320 machine adopts latest servo control system which can ensure the material nip steady and accuracy. It can free from the printing ...

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