Slitting Machine

The die-cutting and slitting machine can complete die-cutting, laminating and slitting at one time. Automatic meter counting, automatic shutdown, photoelectric correction. With a wide range of preset functions, they are an excellent choice for use in the labeling process.

Versatile Compatibility: Our slitters can handle a wide range of industrial heat seal films such as PE, PVC and POF.

Heating Stability: Constant temperature heating for precise sealing and cutting.

Strong seals: Ensure strong, attractive seals for a professional appearance.

Efficient operation: Streamline processes, increase productivity, reduce downtime and achieve seamless packaging.

DK-G Slitter With Rotary Die-cutting Station
● DK-320G / 450G

DK-320G Slitting machine with rotary die-cutting function is upgraded from DK-320 slitting machine , it equipped with high accurate rot...

DK Auto Slitting Machine
● DK-320 / 450 / 520

DK-320 slitting machine is used for narrow web slitting. It has the function of meter counting, label counting and pre-set stopping, th...

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